Walking with the Word

Viewing Chronic Health Issues Through the Lens of Scripture

By: Aaron Montgomery



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Customer Reviews

"Inspiring Testimonial of a True Overcomer I have known Aaron since he was a small child. As he grew into man hood he was presented with numerous debilitating health issues that were devasting to say the least. Most men or women I know could not have dealt with the issues on the level he has. Aaron did not give up but became determined to overcome these very trying and ever-present health issues. In this book Aaron recounts how his faith in God grew and how he was able to apply 30 scriptures to give him daily strength to conquer. This book is inspiring, beautifully written, honest, and amazingly transparent. Anyone who suffers any kind of illness can use this book for daily encouragement. I love the way he has included a Q & A section at the end of each short chapter. The questions are thought provoking and personally applicable. It is formatted in such a way that that it can be used as a journal."

Larry Davis

"I used this book as my devotional. Each morning it was like God used the scripture for that chapter to speak to me. Aaron does an amazing job retelling his life events and making them applicable to all of us, not just those with chronic health issues. I would highly recommend this book!"


"As someone with a congenital heart defect, I read this book with great interest. Aaron writes powerfully about his struggles, and his family's struggles, since his diagnosis. Despite it, he has used his pain, fatigue and illness to come closer to his wife, family and to God. He has found meaning in his struggle. His book reminded me of Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning, and its emphasis on mindset, attitude and approach to enormous hardship. Aaron offers a real-life, contemporary, Christian example of reframing one's mindset when confronted with day-in-day-out, never-ending health struggles. He and his book offer very helpful examples of making that mindset shift and a supreme lesson in perseverance, with faith in God's plan for us."

Russell S.

"A great book by an author who has and is enduring tremendous life wrenching debilitating chronic pain. The book gives such comfort and encouragement for those living with seemingly senselessness pain every day of their lives. The eternal and everlasting Father comes close and intimate confirming the significance of His child on the offering of suffering. This book will be a bedside companion with the Scriptures. Jesus Christ is our great and only Comfort in this life and next."

William R. Brown

"I am so thankful I was introduced to this book. Like Aaron, I too struggle with a lifelong chronic illness and suffer with the complications that come with. Aaron pieced this book together beautifully with scripture and insight provided by the Lord. The small journal entries allowed me to compare the parts of the book with the appropriate scripture and reflect on the love of Jesus Christ! I found a lot of encouragement and was reminded of the amazing promises of God through Aaron’s words. Beautifully written."


"If I can help one person- it was all worth it."

Aaron Montgomery
-The Author

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