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A book that gives comfort to those battling chronic health issues

Walking with the Word

Viewing Chronic Health Issues Through the Lens of Scripture

Rooted in scripture and the promises of God, Walking with the Word is written for those facing chronic health issues. Written by a counselor who has personally experienced chronic conditions, Walking with the Word offers insight, assistance, and guidance to touch the heart, mind, and spirit of the reader.  

Aaron Montgomery (author) discusses "Walking with the Word"  

"Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth."
--Colossians 3:2
About the Book

God's Promise

God makes many promises through His Word that help along your challenging journey with chronic health issues. Within the pages of scripture, there is an amazing wealth of treasures about God, His Son, love, suffering, pain, hope, joy, and how to live with chronic health conditions. Walking with the Word was written to encourage you to embrace the promises of God, to explore the treasures of scripture, and to allow the Word of God to provide a new lens to view your journey. 

The Journey

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness or receiving the news your loved one will be facing health issues for the rest of his or her life can be heartbreaking and overwhelming. Aaron Montgomery experienced this firsthand when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Chronic Migraine, and Daily Persistent Headache in 2012.

This began a journey for Aaron and his wife, Brandy, that changed nearly every aspect of their lives. Walking with the Word chronicles how the promises of God, through His Word, met them in the midst of their pain to provide love, comfort, strength, courage, a purpose for living, and hope for their future. The truths revealed in the Word changed Aaron and Brandy's lives, and Walking with the Word shares these truths to touch the hearts, minds, and spirits of those who are impacted by chronic health conditions.  

"Aaron will take you on a journey wherein you’ll discover what we believe C.S. Lewis meant when he stated that if we permit Him, the Holy Spirit will use everything, most especially our suffering, to become ever more and more real.  And, by keeping at it, real enough to one day tolerate the overwhelming and glorious realness which is Heaven."  

Shari D. Stewart, M.Div
Robert H. Stewart, MD

Walking with the Word was written to inspire and help those who's lives have been affected by...
> Multiple Sclerosis
> Fibromyalgia
> Chronic Pain
> Chronic Fatigue
> Persistent Headache
> Chronic Migraine
> Any Chronic Health Issues
"This is my comfort in my affliction, that Your promise gives me life."
--Psalm 119:50

"If I can help one person- it was all worth it."

Aaron Montgomery
-The Author